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Haptic Air:
Understanding the User

Project Brief

Create an app interface for travelers which solves issues with current airline apps.

Final Screens

The Problem — Airline Apps

My parents and a few of their friends often travel for work. When discussing travel, they mentioned how challenging it was to use different airline apps.

I took down their hardships, turning a dinner group into a focus group, and devised a plan to design a better app for the travelers.

What Users Needed

  1.  Easy to access sign in.
  2.  A quick view of the flight tracker.
  3.  Faster access to media in-app.

My Design Process

  1.  Define the problem.
  2.  Define the target audience.
  3.  Research & define users’ needs.
  4.  Draw sketches & create wireframes.
  5.  Get user feedback by A/B testing.
  6.  Redesign problematic interfaces using feedback received from users.
  7.  Prototype final product.
Final Interface

User Research

Mentions from the Focus Group

Taking a look at the interfaces of the United or American airline apps and hearing from users, I defined what could improve the user's experience.

  •  Simple Sign In —Each app utilizes a different way to sign in. The sign in button changes position from app to app can be hard to find.
  •  Flight Tracking and Weather —Flight apps do not give an overview of the flight or much destination information.
  •  In Flight Content — Users have a hard time accessing media, meals, or information in the app. Usually, this content is accessed using another app or a handout in flight.

Other Findings

A big problem was media. Users had to use a third party app to watch a show in flight.

Understanding the journey users needed to take to watch one show in-flight prompted me to design a new UX flow which gave quick access to media. Users are often redirected out of the app to a second app and must repeat processes to reach their goal.

UX Flow


By understanding the pain points of the airline app, I started with wireframes and tested them with users of current airline apps.

Tested Wireframes

User Testing  —  Round One

While reviewing the interface, I drew a few wireframes to help combat problems I found. After defining existing pain points, I completed a speed sketch to help me understand how the current interface could be designed.

Paper Testing

To ensure the best possible interface was designed, I used the paper wireframes to see if users understood how to navigate the interface.

The Interface

From the feedback, I prefaced the sign in process which gave users an easier time signing in. Regarding media and other information, I wanted to keep all content which users might access on one shared page.



By testing the first interface, I received feedback from users on how I could improve the design.

  •  Move the flight tracker to the top of the screen, so it is not mixed in with the other cards.
  •  Add an image of the departure and final destination instead of a plane.
  •  Show the flight tracker on the main screen as well as the second screen.

The Final Interface

Thanks to the feedback from users I was able to create a cleaner interface than the original.

  •  Changes were made to the sign-in interface after receiving requests for more destination information on launch.
  •  By keeping all commonly accessed information in the same place, users could quickly switch from one type of content to another.


Testing with prototypes and using feedback from users to shape the interface I created a cleaner and more usable product. By using a focus group, I was able to learn what how impactful feedback is to create the final product.

What can I do better?

  •  Brainstorm some areas of the interface with the focus group. This way I could dive deeper into their thinking when using an airline app.
  •  Incorporate features such as boarding passes within the app rather than only what the focus group mentioned.

What I am aware I did wrong.

  •  I did not expand outside of my focus group to test interfaces. I know there are more than seven people who have issues with airline apps. I should have used a larger group than I did to test interfaces.

Though this project did not ship, I learned more about designing for users, the Sketch interface, and bettered myself in UX.


If you have any questions about Haptic Air please feel free to reach out or say hello: [email protected]

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