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A Starting Point for Designing


The Background

When traveling and using Snapchat, I would always see Geofilters. However, there was not a Geofilter available for my hometown which led me to create the first in summer 2016. Much better Geofilters followed.

After the second Geofilter that I designed was accepted, I read in an email from Snapchat there was an opportunity to design a Geofilter for live stories in Tokyo, London, and Sydney. I decided to try my hand at a Tokyo Geofilter which was accepted for a live Snapchat story and my work was seen by thousands of users.


According to the metrics from Snapchat, the seven Geofilters which are all around the world have been used over 400,000 times and viewed 13.1 million times. They have been featured on live stories and many different communities across the United States and Europe.

The metrics are helpful in understanding the user base for Geofilters and how communities can be impacted by such simple Geofilters on Snapchat.


All Geofilters that I design are submitted. However, not all of them make it through the selection process and fail to go live. Throughout the Geofilter design process, I’ve learned how to incorporate specific styles and colors into the Geofilters.

Designing Geofilters is tremendously helpful when designing for a business or individual because of the different styles and types that can be created.


If you have any questions about my Geofilter designs, please feel free to reach out or say hello: [email protected]